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DESIRIAL® is available in two gel formulations: DESIRIAL® and DESIRIAL® PLUS. They have different hyaluronic acid concentrations and viscoelastic properties, so that your physician could precisely choose which product would be better for your specific needs.

DESIRIAL® is designed to restore hydration, elasticity, tone and sensitivity of the vulvo-vaginal area. It is also used to treat vaginal dryness. This degradation of tissues may be perceived as discomfort or burning, increased sensitivity or chronic irritation and itching, which can lead to wounds. Hyaluronic acid is directly injected into the concerned tissues to improve their quality and limit vaginal dryness.

DESIRIAL® PLUS is a more elastic gel designed for labia majora remodelling. A protection of the labia minora can be observed as one of the consequences of this aesthetic correction. DESIRIAL® PLUS can also be used in case of atrophy of the labia majora. After a certain age, tissues tend to shrink, especially around the labia majora. This can damage the natural protection of the vulva and lead to localised pain. Hyaluronic acid recreates volume of the labia majora, thus protecting the vulva.

How can an injection of hyaluronic acid offer relief to women suffering from vulvo-vaginal disorders?

Injections deliver hyaluronic acid directly into the tissues of the vulvo-vaginal area to contribute to its efficient hydration. This type of injection provides indirectly mechanical pressure on the cells that form the vulvo-vaginal mucosa, thus increasing their activity.

This leads to the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres and improves the quality of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa1.

What are the consequences of ageing on the vaginal mucosa?

The female genital organs – like all organs of the body – are not immunised against the passage of time. During the menopause, the tissues of the vulvar area are particularly affected by the decreasing oestrogen production.
Without oestrogen, the vaginal mucosa thins and dries out, becoming weaker. The vagina loses its suppleness and its elasticity. Its natural protective mechanisms become less efficient, thus increasing the risk of vaginal infections2.

As a result, these physical changes can affect women’s quality of daily life.

These symptoms are usually due to the loss of elasticity of the mucosa and occur specifically during the menopause3. Child-bearing age women can also be affected.

What type of physician should I see to get this treatment?

Any practitioners specialised in reconstructive and functional gynaecology. The injections of DESIRIAL® and/or DESIRIAL® PLUS must be performed in the doctor’s office by legally authorised practitioners with a good

anatomical knowledge of the site to be treated and with experience of dermal fillers injection techniques.

What does the procedure involve?

A simple local anaesthetic may be suggested before each injection of DESIRIAL® and/or DESIRIAL® PLUS, to ensure a painless efficient treatment.

DESIRIAL® is injected typically into the vulvar area and at the entry of the vagina. The practitioner will use a very fine needle making it possible to inject the product very superficially, just below the mucosal tissue to be rehydrated.

The practitioner will inject DESIRIAL® PLUS just under the labia majora dermis. A small cannula will be used to spread the product along the labia without causing any damage. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

What can I expect after DESIRIAL® treatment?

DESIRIAL® and DESIRIAL® PLUS products reinforce hydration and restore comfort of intimate areas. The mucosa becomes less sensitive to inflammation and associated symptoms decrease. Vulvar pain (dyspareunia), irritation and itching are also reduced. Improving or maintaining your quality of life is an important benefit of DESIRIAL® treatment and you should quickly appreciate it. DESIRIAL® preserves the femininity helping to limit the vaginal dryness.

Additional sessions of injections may be necessary to guarantee an optimal and long-lasting result. Your doctor will know which DESIRIAL® treatment is best for you. Ask your doctor for information on the DESIRIAL® treatment and book an appointment for a personal treatment.



of women, have had their quality of life improved or significally improved, after 6 months of treatment with DESIRIAL®.


of women, have had their quality of life improved or significally improved, after 12 months of treatment with DESIRIAL® PLUS.

Are there any contraindications ?

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
  • Areas showing signs of clinical inflammation and/or viral infection (e.g.: Papilloma, Herpes), bacterial, fungal (e.g.: thrush), and/or in patients being treated for these pathologies.
  • Patients with known hypersensitivity to one of the components (hyaluronic acid). Remember to tell your doctor about your pathological history, such as autoimmune diseases or immunotherapeutic treatments.

The mentioned contraindications are non-exhaustive. Please read carefully the instructions for use. A prior consultation with your doctor is required before any DESIRIAL® treatment.

Are there any adverse effects?

After an injection session, as with any injection of hyaluronic acid, some reactions may occur, such as swelling, bruising, itching, sensitivity at the injection site, which should be resorbed within a few days (non-exhaustive list; please read the product instructions for use carefully).

Any side effects that persist for more than a week or the appearance of any other adverse event must be notified to your physician as quickly as possible.

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